The Calm

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing is a weird thing. I've often heard that the more you write the more you write, and the less you write the less you write. I find it true. I think when you are postpartum there is just this weird stage where you just don't have much to say. Life is an endless sea of diapers and days are monotonous. I feel bad when I say that, almost as if it is declaring that I am not happy, but that is not the case. It couldn't be farther from the truth. It's just the way it is.

Here we are in the third week of January and this year is already looking really bright to me. I have a laundry list of goals and dreams and I feel like this is finally going to be my year. I turn 30 in March and I am honestly super excited to say goodbye to my 20's. They were good years but they were also so hard, too. In my 20's I found love, got married, moved several times, experienced my spouse's job loss, moved in with family, moved to a different state, found out I was pregnant twice, had two babies, bought our first home and eventually sold it, and built another house from the ground up. 

The years have been eventful and full and I am so thankful for all that God has taught me. The last couple of weeks I've been talking with a few girlfriends about how hard 2014 was for so many people I know. It only confirmed how much trials are essential for our growth. I definitely find myself attracted to people who can talk about their problems and who can be vulnerable about them. I'm thankful for the highs and lows over the last ten years and know I am who I am today because of them and I appreciate when others can share about their pain, losses, and hopes, too. 

So here we are, the calm after the storm, five months postpartum. The craziness has quieted and the newest addition sleeps through the night and is in bed with her big sister at a reasonable time. It's back to life like how it was before she came and it was just the three of us. But yet now we are four. And upstairs sleeping there are two babies instead of one. Everything is so much less overwhelming this time and the adjustment as a whole has been pretty smooth sailing. 

I know I will look back on this season and miss it one day. 
Trying to soak it all in and not miss a thing. 

Christmas 2014 in Video

Friday, January 2, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We had an awesome Thanksgiving this year. Quiet, simple, and not chaotic or stressful-- just how I like it. My family joined us as they were in town and we had a wonderful evening together followed by the company of dear friends over for dessert. It was a wonderful first Thanksgiving in our new house! However, we missed my brother greatly and also my in-laws all back in San Diego. It's just not the same all being separated! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! And yes, I realize Thanksgiving has already come and gone but better documented late than never ;) Also, hello new blog design! It's only been about a year. xo


Monday, November 24, 2014

If we were to get together today over coffee, I would tell you that...

This year has been so good and so hard all wrapped up into one. I think it has been a really difficult year for just about everyone I know (me included). And yet it's been incredibly amazing at the same time. New baby? Loss? Personal growth? Death? It's so odd how much of a mixture of the two it has been for me this year.

I would tell you that a year ago today I found out I was pregnant with Everly and my entire world changed yet again. I wrapped up that positive pregnancy test in Christmas wrapping paper and gave it to Joshua after I had had a few hours to digest it and put Eden to sleep as a "big sister." What a year! 

I don't really like coffee much anymore, can you believe it? I never thought I would say that! I've really started not drinking as much of it & I've started enjoying it less and less...

I loved this article on what it's like to have two kids under two... such sweet encouragement for me after I experienced my toddler having a meltdown and my three-month-old wailing for food both at the same time on the corner of 4th Avenue this weekend! 

I would tell you that my heart is aching for a dear friend of mine that got some horrible news today. And it is overjoyed at the same time for another who got some incredible news today. Funny how you can get news of such vast difference just hours shy of one another.

I would tell you that I'm super energized today and am feeling extremely productive.

I would tell you how excited I am to dress my girls up in warm, snuggly clothes for the holidays!

I would tell you that I really miss writing and the creative outlet of blogging. I always love it when I do it! 

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Any fun plans? I would tell you how wonderful it is to just sit and chat with you. Thanks for having a quick cup of coffee with me today ;) 

Everly Kate: 3 Months

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Everly-- my sweet girl. 
Where do I start? 
You are the definition of a happy baby.
I really do believe God gave us you this year to bring us so many smiles.
I am loving watching you grow each month and change as you discover your fingers, toes, and the world around you. 
You fit into our family just so perfectly. 
You are so loved xo