A Little San Diego and Laguna Beach Getaway

Monday, September 21, 2015

We were able to get away to California last week for some sweet family time. I absolutely love a good road trip and time with my family, so it's basically a win win! We are so blessed to live only a 5 1/2 hour drive from San Diego and extended family members. Even though my parents don't live in town anymore, my brother is still there, as well as my in-laws, Josh's sister and her family, and our friends. It's always great to catch up, even though the time there is usually crazy busy and chaotic trying to squeeze seeing everyone in! On this particular trip, we tried to focus on time with just us which meant only staying in San Diego for one night. We got to spend some time with my brother at Mission Beach that evening. Eden loved making "sand angels" in the sand in her clothes (we went straight from AZ and didn't have a way to get her bathing suit out of the suitcase ahead of time) and Everly loved touching her feet in the sand, too. My little water babies, they have it in their blood ;) The next morning we got breakfast with Josh's family, and then headed up to the Pacific Coast Highway where we went through all of our old favorite stomping grounds like Dana Point, Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach. We have a secret little place that we like to park in Laguna and we found that, got the girls out of the car and spent some time at the water with the girls. The location is literally right next to the Montage Resort in Laguna and is absolutely breathtaking! Lots of great memories there back in our dating and early newlywed days! From there we drove to check into our hotel at the Hyatt Regency Orange County where we embarked on a few days at the happiest place on earth ;) More pics of that to come. Wanted to make sure I documented these beach pictures that will always hold a special place in my heart! P.S. In the last picture below, I am 24 weeks pregnant with our son! I can't believe it! It has gone so fast! 

Everly Kate -- Months 8 - 11

Friday, July 24, 2015

Month by month glimpses of our sweet girl who is turning ONE in only 14 days... Not like I'm counting or anything! So bittersweet! And for some reason her month 4-7 are not showing on my blog so here is a link for those, if anything for me to just have it here on this blog for my own memory's sake :) I just love this kid so much.

Our Next Adventure -- Baby #3!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You know you have baby brain when you write a blog post mentioning your pregnancy before actually blogging about it! Thanks to a sweet reader for bringing that to my attention ;) Ha! I'm so much more active on Instagram than the blog world and announced our third pregnancy a few weeks ago on there but have yet to do so here! So yes, baby #3 is coming in January 2016! I've been over the moon thankful to have experienced a somewhat smooth first-trimester (my first Zofran-free!) as I still have a 10 month old and almost-three-year-old to keep up with! We are beyond excited to welcome this new baby into our lives in January-- and another fun bonus, not being 9 months pregnant in August! ;) Thank you God for our newest, sweet blessing! 

Our 4th of July!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

We had a really simple, fun 4th of July (well, actually the evening before). Our whole family has kind of been out-of-sorts this past week-- Everly cut two teeth, had an upset tummy and a horrible diaper rash (my girls' biggest side affect of teething, so sad!). I have been dealing with first-trimester exhaustion-- running a business, being with my girls during the day, keeping the housework maintained and doing our normal running around has wiped me out! Eden has been having bad dreams during nap-time which have resulted in less sleep than normal and Josh has been working a lot and not getting enough sleep (but that's his usual!)! 

So despite how we felt, we made ourselves get out in the heat and had a wonderful time at our neighborhood's 4th of July extravaganza. There were bounce houses, a live concert band, boat races, food trucks and more. As the sun set, everything lit up in light hues of pink and it was just a gorgeous setting being right there by the lake! We absolutely love our little town and are really enjoying raising our kids here. It's been fun to have our own little adventure away from the comfort and security of our hometowns! 

We left around 7:30 pm to get home to put the babies in bed but of course I let Eden stay up to watch the fireworks from the house. We got a great view of them going off in Tucson from my bedroom and then also from Eden's bedroom which faces the direction of the lake where the fireworks were going off. I let her stand up on her dresser and look out her window to watch them-- her face lit up like Christmas Day! Oh the joys of a child! She absolutely loved it and asked for more then next morning when she woke up :) Hope you had a wonderful 4th! xo

10 Goals for May

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I want to start writing out my goals on a personal level here each month in the hopes that writing them down will help me achieve & complete them. I've been having success doing this on a professional level for work but am not being as successful on a personal level. I know there are studies that if you write dreams and goals down they are more likely to happen, so cheers to that! May, you are gonna be crazy but you're going to be good. 

1) Purge clothes in closet and take to Goodwill
2) Find dining room chairs for our formal dining room -- I've come to accept it's going to take me 10 years to buy them if I buy them new so I'm hoping to find some scores at local flea markets or thrift stores and refurbish them
3) Paint formal dining room a different color-- not too happy with the overall color for that room right now
4) Fully potty train Eden-- girl goes when she wants on the toilet but I've been forgoing it with a super busy work month in April and haven't purposely trained her and need to just get it over with
5) Order Shutterfly photo book from our Kauai trip
6) Set up Eden's big girl bed and decorate her big girl room
7) Have coffee with a girlfriend without kiddos 
8) Send snail mail to at least 3 friends
9) Finish one book 
10) Walk/run at least 30 min a day 5x a week