10 Goals for May

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I want to start writing out my goals on a personal level here each month in the hopes that writing them down will help me achieve & complete them. I've been having success doing this on a professional level for work but am not being as successful on a personal level. I know there are studies that if you write dreams and goals down they are more likely to happen, so cheers to that! May, you are gonna be crazy but you're going to be good. 

1) Purge clothes in closet and take to Goodwill
2) Find dining room chairs for our formal dining room -- I've come to accept it's going to take me 10 years to buy them if I buy them new so I'm hoping to find some scores at local flea markets or thrift stores and refurbish them
3) Paint formal dining room a different color-- not too happy with the overall color for that room right now
4) Fully potty train Eden-- girl goes when she wants on the toilet but I've been forgoing it with a super busy work month in April and haven't purposely trained her and need to just get it over with
5) Order Shutterfly photo book from our Kauai trip
6) Set up Eden's big girl bed and decorate her big girl room
7) Have coffee with a girlfriend without kiddos 
8) Send snail mail to at least 3 friends
9) Finish one book 
10) Walk/run at least 30 min a day 5x a week

That Time We Went to Kauai

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Thank you, Kauai, for having us! Our 3rd trip but first with kiddos! Definitely an adventure ;) We will be back! :) 

Easter Weekend

Monday, April 6, 2015


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Ours was filled with a Spring Festival egg hunt, time with friends under the already-hot Arizona sun, lots of laundry since we are coming off of a 12 day vacation, an egg hunt in our living room, and a beautiful Sunday morning church service! We made it to church late since Joshua was stuck at work but we made it! Sometimes getting ready on Sunday mornings with two littles feels like a marathon but getting there is all that matters-- even if my blouse is stained with milk or sprinkled with crackers ;) Our pastor talked a lot about God's love for us and unconditional love of a Father... it got me thinking a lot about how I love and is my love just dependent on what someone does for me or is it truly unconditional? "You first, not me"? God has been wrecking my heart a lot lately-- in a good way-- about a few things and I'm excited to see what happens this year in that department. We truly had a simple, beautiful Easter with just our little family. We didn't do a big meal and we didn't have family in town. Seeing Eden's face light up as she walked down the stairs and spied her first hidden egg was something I'll never forget. Watching her twirl around in her new, shimmery dress -- ahh, it's just amazing. She's growing up so fast! Everly thoroughly enjoyed her first Easter, too, although she did not get any chocolate or candy from those eggs. Next year ;) 

Everly Kate // Mo 4,5,6,7

Friday, March 20, 2015

I'm so behind! 

Sweet Everly. Sweet girl? No words for you. The lack of words means nothing other than there is not much to say other than you are the easiest, happiest, go-with-the-flow baby that ever did live! 

You are the sunshine in our every day. You are such a blessing! Can't even remember life before you were here with us... We love you so much!


Hand Lettering Co.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you're like me, the thought of putting anything on the walls in your home is not only a daunting task but something that you take into a lot of consideration. Perhaps this is usually why my walls are bare for a long, long time upon moving in? It has been a little over a year since our home was built and I'm literally just now putting up picture frames and prints. I really like to take my time in this aspect of decorating because I don't want to just put something there to put it there. 

One of my most favorite things to put on walls is Scripture. There is nothing more special than seeing the Word of God printed on the wall in bright colors and a pretty font. I think having Scripture on our walls is important for not only meditating on it daily but for our guests to see. I also want my children to see it, read it, and remember it. There's no better way for them to be introduced to Scripture than actually physically seeing it in their home. Also, I really believe in safe-guarding the walls of my home and there is something really meaningful and sacred to me about having the Word of God on it's walls. 

My sweet childhood friend Carly, and her husband Chris, launched a hand-lettering company a few years ago called, fittingly, Hand Lettering Co. that I absolutely love! I've stalked Chris's Instagram account several times and absolutely love what they are creating. I might be bias, but I love their product and I think it's pretty darn cool that they have an Eden, too ;) 

Hand Lettering Co. is in the middle of a kickstarter campaign right now! I absolutely love this idea! You can basically buy various items from their company to help fund for it to grow into a full-time business for the Wright family. This is way too fun! I just scrolled through everything and there are various items from prints, stickers, video tutorials, actual trips to visit San Diego to see how all of this is done, and more. And after the campaign is over on March 24th? You can get 24% off anything in their online store when the campaign ends. I'm so excited for this sweet family! Nothing better than seeing Scripture in homes all over the world!