[ I Spy... ]

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Most people have a daily habit-- a consistent ritual, good or bad. Maybe you're addicted to coffee (not so bad), biting your nails (bad), or addicted to your iPhone (great! We so relate!). Speaking of addictions-- avoid Design*Sponge if you can't kick a habit.   

Warning: If attempted, you will be checking this website daily. Okay, maybe even hourly. Don't say I didn't fore-warn you! It's such a lovely place to rest your eyes. Speaking of iPhone love, and Design*Sponge adoration, I couldn't help but lose my breath when I spied what's on the site today.  

From Design*Sponge: "cartolina’s new app lets you send brief messages using one of their customizable designs. just pick a design, type your message and either text or email it to the recipient. this would be great for a little “i love you” text, a quick birthday greeting, or the modern mom who texts her kids “good luck!” rather than the old note-on-the-lunchbag trick. the app supports multiple languages, lets you send to multiple recipients and has an integrated calendar so you can send yourself event reminders. the whole app will only set you back $2.99 (it’s cheaper than most cute cards on the market these days) so if you’re in the market for a cuter way to send notes, click here to check out the app (and all the designs) on cartolina’s site. xo, grace  *the app will go on sale sept 17th so if you’d prefer to buy it from the app store on your phone you can pick it up there next friday.
September 17th is right around the corner! Save a stamp. Bliss!

[ Lemon Treat ]

My dear husband and I love anything and everything lemon. I made my first ever lemon meringue pie this summer and it was a mouth-watering hit! Over the Labor Day weekend, I wanted to get back into the kitchen after being inspired by watching "Julie and Julia." (Meryl Streep is amazing!) So I made some tasty lemon tarts for my love. 
It paired very nicely with a glass of Merlot. Cheers!