[ A Day at the Park With Hartley ]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

 Someone is getting big

In the past 2 weeks... Hartley has learned to shake hands, he got his first set of shots (and everyone oohed and ahhed over him at Petsmart), he's been sleeping longer through the night (the dark circles under my eyes are finally starting to disappear) and he tried his first bite of shaved ice (daddy wanted to disapprove but couldn't resist giving it to him, either, ha!)

In other Harley news, he enjoyed his first trip to the park today. We've walked around the lake quite a bit, but we have never gone to a park. When we got his first round of shots, the veterinarian advised us not to take him anywhere for another couple of weeks. Sorry, lady. We refuse to not get out some of that puppy energy.

Together, Hartley and I ran all over the park... We chased his new bouncy tennis balls, and we lounged in the sun and drank a lot of water. And we chased those balls again. 

He is giving me a workout.