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Friday, August 26, 2011

Yesterday, I thought about this post while getting ready for the day (dork moment) and had my ideas all set in motion. Then in the afternoon, I decided I finally needed a break from my errands and sat down to check out some blogs. No joke, it was like every other one I was reading had a similar storyline as the one I wanted to share today. Ha ha ha! Ha. And this was after these ironically similar posts the other day that I had noticed: Ashley had written a post on how to paint Chevron and so had the Coleman's In Love. Ironic, no?

I was reminded how alike we are as humans-- no matter where we are located in the world. And here in the blog world, great minds really do think alike (like Jami said on Twitter ;).

Okay, enough about my irrevelant, unimportant pondering...

Today, I wanted to introduce you to my home and let you come inside and see some of the recent projects I've been working on. Our house is finally 100% complete from the move, with the exception of a few wall art pieces that we want for some of our naked walls (disclaimer: my house is as white as a hospital inside because our land-lords are snobby about us changing the color).

In regards to its contents, almost EVERYTHING we have in our house was either a wedding gift, a hand-me-down, or purchased at a store like HomeGoods or Ross. We really have never wanted to invest a lot of money in good quality furniture until we own our own home. In addition, I do not believe in spending crazy amounts of money on average items, like pillows, candles, etc. I subscribe to Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel and Restoration Hardware catalogs and that works to give me some ideas. And I've learned recently, that it's MORE fun to buy something that looks like crap and restore it. It is such a rewarding feeling to see it do a 360. I included the prices to only confirm that it does not take a lot of money to make your house a home.

Welcome :)

Recently renovated end tables, left picture is the original and right is the renovated. We got two of these tables in a set with our two couches and ottoman for a ridiculously cheap amount of money from my husband's co-worker. He was getting divorced & just wanted to get new furniture & start fresh. The ivory white paint color I purchased at Home Depot for $2 on the "mess ups" table. I replaced the handles with sterling silver brackets from Home Depot for $4.

I was helping some friends move in January & they were going to throw this end table away. Ummm... hello?! It was my friend's grandmother's table, so I don't necessarily know how old it is, but it's great quality oak. Cost: FREE // paint is Krylon spray paint in Glossy Classic Grey from Wal-Mart for $3.97 a can. I used two for extra coverage. // Bracket: Home Depot $4

LEFT, Downstairs guest bathroom: artificial flowers- Target, $16 // CENTER, Towels on clearance at Target $6 for large brown & $4 for embellished white // Shower curtain from Burlington Coat Factory $8 // Bathroom fixtures $3-5 from Ross // Picture: Wedding gift // White Restoration Hardware cabinet, hand-me-down

LEFT, Upstairs den: Candle holders, on clearance at Pier1 Imports, $4 & 6 // White candles, $2 ea. at Wal-Mart // Green & striped orange pillows from Ikea $6 ea // Couch is a hand-me-down. RIGHT, master bedroom: Picture frames from Ikea, $5-9 each // Bedspread, hand-me-down quilt set from Pottery Barn.

LEFT: Mirror is from Ikea (and seriously it's a Pottery Barn replica) $90-- this is the most expensive thing we have ever bought for our house, aside from the used couch set// Hanging candle holder is from Restoration Hardware, hand-me-down // Candle: on clearance at Target $7. CENTER, Kitchen/dining room: Vases, $6 at Ross // Recipe book holder, $4 at Ross // Picture frames: Gifts RIGHT: Ottoman came w/ used couch set // Candle holders, Pier1 Imports, clearance $6 // Candles, $2 Wal-Mart // Green vase, $4 from Ikea // Pillows: Ross and Target $6-$9

LEFT, Laundry Room: all pictures are from Ikea and some of them I tore out of the frames and simply inserted scrapbook paper and added photos, verbage, etc. // CENTER: Dining room table from Ikea (don't remember price) // Wall clock: $12 from Ross // Lamps: wedding gift // Piano: gift from my parents // TV: free gift from car dealership for car purchase. RIGHT, living room view & kitchen: Black floor rug: Target $50 

TOP: all bathroom fixtures from Ross, $3-5 // Candle holder, hand-me-down // Candle, $4 from Wal-Mart BOTTOM: view from upstairs :) 

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Jessi said...

I love the little pops of color you've added. I know what it's like to be stuck with white walls and it sucks! And those end tables came out SO cute!!

Ashley said...

so so so cute!!!!

Gina said...

The end tables are cute and I love the shower curtain!

yours truly said...

I love the DIY end tables! It's such a rewarding feeling to know you've spent time revamping something rather than spending a lot of money for a replica!

The Arizona Russums said...

we have the same IKEA mirror! and i love your shower curtain!

Flor said...

so cute! I love that small gray table! I need to paint something in my house that color now :)

Team Babb said...

thank you for your super sweet comment! i love your little pad..it's very cute! yes, i have heard i look like her but haven't really believed it yet! :)