Happy 2012!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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Happy 2012 from our home, to yours!
I hope your Christmas and New Year's were amazing! :)

Christmas was weird for us this year. Joshua worked and we spent the night carving a turkey and stuffing our guts with friends, not family. It was still a beautiful day in many ways. When we are together, that is really all that matters. New Year's Eve we both felt under the weather, so we switched up our plans and stayed in and hit the sack at 9:30 PM. But don't worry, we turned on our alarms to go off at 12:00 AM so that we could kiss in the new year from our warm, cozy bed. We're kind of dorks like that.

2011 was one of the best years of my life in many, many ways. Some highlights were:

*Watching my husband swear in, pass a Federal law enforcement academy (with honors), and finish probation this year.

*Flying to both Tucson and Albuquerque twice to see him during the 6 months that we were apart
*Spring Break in Cabo (for "work," ha!)
*Watching my friends become moms
*Working with Casey
* Meeting so many new blog friends-- even meeting some in "real life!"
*Moving from CA to AZ
*Moving from a 800 sq foot apt to a 1300 townhome
* Swapping traffic for open highways
*Meeting friends here in AZ, weird to think that we would have never met if we had never moved!

*Trips back home to visit friends and family

Some of the difficulties of 2011 were the adjustments that come with CHANGE. I've learned a lot about myself in the last year. I've been hurt by people I never would have thought would hurt me. I don't trust as easily anymore. I've conquered my people-pleasing disease in many ways. I've grown stronger, wiser; more cautious. I've watched friends stay unconditionally my friend as the miles increased; and I've watched others grow distant because they don't know how to be a friend when the miles grow longer.

In 2012, I want to focus on the people in my life that want to be my friend and stop worrying, wasting time, and focusing on those who do not. You, my blog friends, have changed my life in so many ways this year. Some of you have known things that are going on in my life and have prayed, emailed, or offered encouragement at times when I needed it most. I get defensive when people don't understand how you could "possibly have true, genuine relationships with people you met on the Internet".... well, the answer is that YES, YOU CAN, and my life is better, richer, and fuller because of it. So thank you, friends.

There are so many more beautiful things that are coming our way in 2012 and I feel so honored that people even read this little blog of mine. I can't wait to document and share all that God is doing in our lives this upcoming year! I know and am 100% certain that it is going to be a crazy, exciting, FUN ride! Stay tuned! :)

I LOVE YOU ALL, bloggy friends. xoxo

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Mrs. T said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! :) Happy New Year girl, love you!

Bethany G said...

This is so sweet. Love you and can't wait to see all the things God has in store for you!! :)

Annie said...

It sounds like it's been a fabulous year and a lovely Christmas season! Happy new year!

Erin said...

I definitely know what you mean about friends that are only your friend when its is convenient. I deleted my facebook and lost 3/4 of my "friends." Its nutty! :) So excited to see what 2012 brings for you and Josh! :) Love you and see you in the AM!!

Lauren {Adventures in Flip Flops} said...

Fun recap. And I also know what you mean about being hurt by people. I don't talk to some people that I would have never dreamed of not talking to. But you know, I learned a lot from them and am glad I did, and I'm glad I know a better way to handle those situations. Always a bright side!

Have a Happy and healthy 2012!

Not Hip Enough To Blog said...

This post is SUCH an encouragement to me and I wonder what 2012 holds for my life! I am still new to this bloggy world of friendships and community and I am loving it. I would also love to quit my job and just be freelance full time (shhhh!) but we'll see what happens this year :) I secretly hope though that by the end of 2012 I can say that I am freelancing full time. Thanks for all your thoughts and encouragements over the past few months lovely. It's been great getting to know you and I look forward to many more great posts from your blog in 2012!

Jessi said...

First of all, that dinner looks amazing! And it sounds like you had a fantastic year. So glad I was able to follow along with alot of it! And I know (and I know you know) that 2012 is going to be amazing!! Can't wait to see what's in store for you!

ps- VERY cute outfit :) that dress is adorable!

Elisha(: said...

I love Sharpiiies!(;

stacey said...

i love that you got a sewing machine!! do you know how to sew? it's so fun to learn.

womanwalkignupright said...

beautifully written! i'm so happy to hear that 2011 ended in such a magnificent way and that 2012 started off with Christ right where He should be! May this year grow you in incredible ways my dear friend!

Nessa Bixler said...

Oh man... cakes with kitkat bars and 5 Guys is the only thing I can think about right now! Happy New Year!

karly [plums and mustard] said...

wowzas! sounds like you had a pretty intense year! love that! Happy new year! can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

katy. said...

I've had so much heartache the last two years when it comes to friends as well. I've learned to let people who only stress me out, distance themselves. Relationships aren't easy, but they're not supposed to be so darn difficult either! I realized very quickly who'll be in my life forever and who won't after we moved. It's so sad and feels so unfair, but in the end..it makes room for those that God chooses to be in our lives at this moment. I feel like we could have a long convo about this!

Karen said...

We were asleep by 9:30 too but didn't think to set an alarm clock. Happy New Year! This is going to be an amazing year for you!!

Flor said...

oh friend, your post had me all teary eyed! 2011 was a big year for all of us in regards to friendships. 2012 is going to be YOUR year and you're going to rock it!

you look gorgeous in your pictures (as always)and did you get a sewing machine for Christmas??

girl, I have that same one and I luurrvvvee her (her name is helen by the way.. if you give yours a name and treat her gently she sews wonderfully well) lol :) time to start pinning sewing tutorials on pinterest :)

love ya friend! <3

Nicole said...

what a great year. this is seriously my favorite time of year. being able to look back and see the grace of God so evident in our lives.

here's to a wonderful 2012.


Just the Two of US said...

ok great pics! i'm slightly jealous of the sewing machine..lol!
Hope you have an amazing 2012