26 Weeks

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This is the "spent all day packing, threw on a comfy dress and sports bra, put hair in a messy bun and threw on some sunglasses for a quick walk around the lake with your husband before he leaves for work" look. Phew.

We STILL do not have our keys! I am going crazy people! We are supposed to get them 24-72 hours after we signed so we are praying that we get them today! We have plans to celebrate tonight with our friends (they live just 4 doors down from our new place!) at a popular hotspot called Monkeyburger. I am looking forward to chowing down on some good food and spending time with my man & good friends.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! xo


Baby D's Stats!

Baby's size: "Hothouse Cucumber"-- 14 inches long and just under 1.5 lbs

How far along:
26 weeks! Time is flying by so fast! I can't believe I'm almost in my 3rd trimester!

Sleep: My wonderful friend Heidi let me borrow her Boppy pregnancy pillow now that she has given birth to her handsome baby boy, Gage, and no longer needs it. It's been a lifesaver! I think Joshua is secretly jealous of how comfy I look when I sleep with it. I highly recommend it, whether you are preggo or not! :) Still a lot of hip pain, but my doctor said there's nothing I can do other than lots of yoga, stretching, and pre-natal massages (don't mind if I do!).

Maternity Clothes: Really living in sundresses these days. I think yesterday was hotter here than any day we had last summer. We are experiencing a record heat wave here in AZ. If it's any indication of what life will be like for the next 3 months, I will be living in one of our community pools and eating Otter Pops like they are going out of style. 

Food cravings: I have never really been a breakfast person, so I think it's funny that this pregnancy has made me crave breakfast foods all day long. I can't get enough Fage Greek yogurt with strawberries & granola, blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs and toast with grape jelly! Oh and carrot juice! Yum!

Food aversions:
There really isn't anything that I have a bad reaction to, other than the foods that I didn't like pre-pregnancy. 

Symptoms I have: Still have sciatica (hip pain) and I'm starting to get really crazy dreams! 

Doctor’s Appointment: I had a routine doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I am usually only in the doctor's office for about 15 minutes to get my blood pressure done, pee in a cup, have them measure my tummy and listen for her heartbeat (which was fast, by the way!). I crave more time with the doctors, but I know that not having a lot of "problems" is a huge blessing and I'm so thankful that there really isn't a lot to talk about :) I have an appointment in 3 weeks and then I'll start coming in every 2-3 weeks. I have to get the glucose test done sometime before then, yuck!

Movement: All the time, but since I've been doing so much physical activity with packing our house, I feel her move less than when I'm lying still or laying in bed. I've heard that moving around a lot lulls the baby to sleep, so I guess she's just chilling out in there. Almost all my preggo friends (and there are a LOT of them right now) are having boys, and they seem to be dealing with constant kicking. I envy them sometimes, but then again I have to remember that I'm having a little princess who is already showing signs of being quite the relaxed little lady :)  

Belly Button:
Innie, although it looks like it might just protrude at any minute!

Gender: It's a GIRL! I seriously get happier each and every day that we are having a girl. I REALLY wanted a girl-- Joshua was happy either way. I just can't wait to have a daughter. I got SO "preggo emotional" (that's what I like to call it) when it popped into my head that my husband will one day walk her down the aisle to vow forever to her husband... that we get to plan a wedding together, baby showers, and all that girly stuff... I can't wait to see her little face!

Best moment of the week:
I love hearing her heartbeat at our appointments. But my favorite moment was this morning, when I was just laying in bed, and I put my iPhone up to my belly and played One Sonic Society's "Forever Reign" song (AMAZING!!!!!!) and I felt her do a complete FLIP in my tummy. Too cool. I love how she reacts to music. I want her to be a musical one like mama.

What I’m looking forward to: Setting up her nursery in the new house

What I miss: BEER! That's all.

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Kristin said...

Awww look at your super cute baby bump :D I love reading about your pregnancy, and I love it's been a good one. I hope you all get the keys to the new digs today too..it's never fun to wait for stuff like that. So glad to hear everything is going good for you sweet friend. xo
P.S. When I read you miss beer I had a nice giggle :D

Samantha Jo said...

You are the cutest! I wish I looked as good as you pregnant, and I'm 4 weeks behind you! We're also having a girl, and I'm so so excited to dress her in cute girly clothes and do lots of fun girly things with her :) Your post made me laugh that you get preggo-emotional thinking about things in the future. I was listening to the radio last night while my hubby and I were working on building some furniture for the nursery, and "There Goes My Life" came on by Kenny Chesney. I started crying at the end of the song thinking about how our baby girl will be going off to college some day and leaving us! So silly, especially seeing as she's not even born – let alone all the way formed yet! Pregnancy hormones, I tell ya!!

Praying you guys get the keys today and have a great moving in experience!


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, that lake is gorgeous!!
Don't stress about your glucose test! It wasn't nearly as bad as everyone told me!
Here's to hoping you get your keys today! :)

Ruthie Hart said...

I am with Kristen, I just love reading about your pregnancy! I love reading about symptoms, movement, kicks, doctors...baby crazy much? I can't wait to see what you do in her room, I am sure it will be practically out of a magazine. And no keys yet?!?! WHAT?! Hoping it is today

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

I'm a new follower of yours and just have to let you know how beautiful you are pregnant!

Katie said...

Lookin' Good Girl!

Alli from Life on LeRoy said...

You are too adorable! You look great girl, just keep doing what you're doing! Praying you get those keys SOON!! :) Have fun tonight!

JAIMIE @ roxyloveblog said...

You look so great!! I'm 27 weeks now, so we are so close in our pregnancies! Also, congrats on having a GIRL! So exciting! :) :)

I feel you on the alcohol craving. I would absolutely love [NEED] a dirty martini [WITH EXTRA OLIVES] right now Gah!

Jessi said...

Don't worry. The glucose test isn't as bad as they say it is. The drink has changed so it isn't as thick and nasty as it used to be. In fact, mine wasn't even orange. It was like a less sweet version of Sprite. Yum!

You look beautiful as always!!

Nicole said...

I just teared up when you were talking about planning weddings and showers. Last night something was said in regards to Luke being a grandfather someday and it just doesn't seem possible! So crazy this motherhood stuff and how fast it flies!
Love you and Baby D!!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

You look adorable!! I could eat breakfast foods all day too! And yes I feel ya on the beer--I just want one ice cold corona :)

Urban Nester said...

Congrats on the gender!!! You will have so much fun with a little girl! So happy for you!!!

I posted about Stella & Dot today, come check it out if you have the chance!


Heather said...

this is such a sweet post!

i love me some breakfast for dinner, and well any time.

Beer? Ewwy... I'll stick to wine :) though my hubby drinks a variety of beer, and sometimes I find one I can deal with!

PS - I STILL need to ship you the little something I got you! SIGH! procrastination! maybe this weekend? :)

The Arizona Russums said...

Love you! I want to see you soon! As soon as you move in and I finish all my grading for the semester...

The Cantelmo Family said...

I have the hip pain now too! No fun! And I get those crazy dreams, they are way too weird!!!

Kelly said...

You're pretty. I can't believe your already 26 weeks. Wow!

Sue said...

I love that you miss beer and nothing else. I'd say that's pretty good! You look fabulous!

Heather Leigh Riley said...

My Mother in law told me a story of pregnancy when she was pregnant with my husband Leon. She told me he was so extremely active and he never gave her a break, and that he moved so much it was actually painful.. She said when he finally came out she jumped for joy but she did kinda miss those kicking legs inside her. And when it comes to my dear Leon being active well, some things never change! He's still one of the most active men I know!

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

you are adorable and i swear more and more i think we are meant to be friends because i think if i got pregnant i would miss beer a ton! xoxo

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

you are adorable and i swear more and more i think we are meant to be friends because i think if i got pregnant i would miss beer a ton! xoxo

Susan Borland said...

Girl, you look so cute, and I love that you're like 4 weeks ahead of me (5?). Your baby belly is getting so big. So glad the house got worked out, can't wait to see what yall make of it!