The Thirst for Travel

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The thirst for travel runs deep in my soul. Kind of like my love of kissing my husband, which is obvious in the above two pictures (duh).

But seriously, traveling does something to you that is just magical. There's something about being high up in the clouds and looking down at all the little houses and the cars bustling back and forth along the highways that easily gives one a whole new perspective on life. Every time I fly, it never fails to kind of cleanse me of the filth that is down on the ground below. The stresses of life, of the day-to-day, of the mundane. I think more clearly, and I analyze a lot less.

Perhaps one could say it helps me see the "bigger picture" from way up above.

Whether it's flying in a plane, or traveling by car on a road trip, the need for adventure runs deep in my heart. My mom was a military brat who grew up in Morocco and my dad was an avid surfer that migrated from the shores of West Palm Beach, Florida, to San Diego, CA as a young 21 year old. My parents were the supreme examples of the adventure thrill: they usually put a day at the beach or a camping trip before chores and I loved them for that.

As a 6 week old, I was bounced around from camp site to camp site and I know that's why we are the way we are with Eden... it's just good for your heart to get out and be outside in nature and come away refreshed. My parents always showed me that there are affordable ways to adventure-- you don't always have to have the "perfect" location and a couple of thousand dollars of extra spending money in your pocket.

A hike up in the mountains is free and you come back a million dollars richer.

I find myself craving this adventure all over again as it has been awhile since I have ventured out of town. This is the longest gap we have done since we moved to AZ without a visit home. Joshua and I realized the other day that the last time we vacationed (i.e., longer that a weekend away) just the two of us was our 1 year wedding anniversary in San Francisco, almost 5 years ago. We've been to Kauai and Puerto Vallarta with both of our families but not alone. I don't mean to sound unthankful for the trips we've had-- because trust me, I am-- but I just need something like that right now....

As the diaper duty stacks up and the laundry keeps coming, I ache for a beach somewhere or a mountaintop to look out from. Not just to break up the routine, or because I want a break from mommy duty, but because I just want to... because it's a part of me.

We've had visitors in our home for the last couple of days-- my parents' best friends for the last 20+ years. Our home is the last stop on their adventure south, to retire down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They literally sold their home in San Diego, sold almost all of their possessions, and kept a few prized possessions in storage and clothes for their backs in their suitcases in their car. They aren't fearful about what "comes next."

They are choosing to live simply.

Choosing to do something different, something out of the ordinary, and in my opinion, something quite magical. They are joining my parents down there, who live there part-time. I could not be more proud and excited for these four.

I'm looking forward to planning our next trip away... and in the meantime, creating a trip away in my own little home by limiting time on the computer, on my iPhone and decluttering all of the chaos that's in my mind and heart. I know that I can choose to vacation right where I'm at. But in the meantime, I'll keep dreaming of some far-off paradise... :)

Where is your favorite place to get away for the day or vacation?

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Ruthie Hart said...

Travel is so important for your soul, and your marriage. Jon and I are trying to travel lots because I know it will get harder after children!

Jessi Bridges said...

I am so with you! I am a vagabond at heart. We moved ALOT when I was a kid and I hated it then, but I know it shaped who I am now and I'm thankful for all the experiences in different places I was able to have. Plus we camped up and down the entire western half of the country, even all the way into Canada.

And I'm SO aching to get out and travel some more. We are glad to be back in the west because as soon as winter passes, we are packing up the babies and heading out to camp in Utah (my absolute favorite place to be!). I wouldn't be surprised if we go a couple times a month.

I hope you can get a chance to get out soon. It gets so mundane living the suburban lifestyle for too long without a break ;)

Michelle said...

I love your pictures and this post! Traveling is so important to me and I wish I could travel for a living.

Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

I"m totally a travel junkie too! I'm a nature girl, and LOVE the mountains, but also think the ocean is pretty great too! Pretty much anywhere away & with my hubby and camera are awesome.

I had this poster commissioned & I adore it

Brooke Houston said...

I love traveling with a passion! My favorite places to travel would be up to the North East, or anywhere beachy.

Heather Leigh Riley said...

I love going to the beach!! Ocean city to be specific. So many memories ;)

Esther said...

we wish we could travel more. not only is it a financial strain when you have kids but it's a lot harder to travel with them too! we're hoping to do big a 5 year anniversary trip (in 1.5 years) probably somewhere secluded and beachy! for now we "settle" for going on an annual trip to costa rica where i am from and my family lives. i know... tough life, right!


Newlywed Moments said...

Love this post about travel. And love your blog! Newest follower here!!

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

I love you two. And I could say a thing or two about YOUR love of kissing..but I wont :) hehe. I need a vacay like NOBODIES business!! Colorado--it's happening!!