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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Have you heard the expression "___ is the bomb dot com?" I've always said it and have no idea where I picked it up from. It wasn't until I went to Creative Estates a few weeks ago that I learned that a few other ladies say it, too. Maybe it's just a blogger thing? ;)

Anyhoo... here are some fabulous March sponsors. I highly suggest you take a second to snoop on their pages and fall in love. I'm giving you full permission. Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?! xo


"I'm Alyssa... I was born and raised in New Jersey. I graduated from Villanova University in May of 2010. Four months later I moved to Memphis, TN to work for a minor league hockey team, the Mississippi RiverKings. I knew nobody. I met Jeremy. He showed me the true joys of the south. Now, I don't want to leave. I started a blog. These are my adventures."

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 "Hola, my name is Melina, 21 years old. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina
and now live in California, USA since 2001. I am a Sale Representative for Dish Network,
Charter Communications, Hughes Net, and ADT. I have plans to join the LAPD. Photography is my therapy. I enjoy capturing every moment every second. I am happily taken by Sebastian. We been in a long distance relationship and loving every minute of it."

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"My dream is to be a published author. I love to write, take pictures, read, and watch the sunrise & sunset. I love fashion and playing with my littles. I'm free spirited and I dream big. I believe in embracing life & I have a shop called CCY Designs where I make inspirational hand and 8x10 subway art. I love spending time with my hubby and we love God."

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"Hi there! Welcome to my blog, where I share little pieces of my life, love, faith and family. I'm a blessed, single mama, a writer, a design junkie, and quite frankly-- a creative little mess. I'd love for you to join me on this journey as I grow, change, and fill my heart with grace."

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Ly from Eternal Optimist

Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm so excited to introduce you to Ly from Eternal Optimist! She has a wonderful space in the blog community filled with pretty pictures, great fashion photos and a little bit of her personal life thrown in, too! Definitely go check her blog out! Thanks for being her today, pretty Ly! xo


Please tell us a little about you and your blog!

I'm Ly (Lee) from the little blog, Eternal Optimist. I'm a recent college graduate who's franticly studying for the MCATs because I can't bear to wait another minute not being a part of Doctors without Borders. After graduating I noticed that due to the lack of time I've "lost" all my hobbies. After contemplating for months I decided to start a lifestyle/fashion blog. I blog about a various range of topics from beauty DIYs to cooking to fashion. Since I'm on an endless quest to discover my personal style I also egoistically post blog about my daily outfits. I may not have style that elicits profound emotions or intrigues street photogs, but I dress for me and I'm okay with that. So if any of those topics interest you feel free to come stalk me over at my blog!

What inspires you? 
As cheesey as it sounds but the goodness in the world inspires me. From something as basic as seeing a flower to the people that I encounter in my life. 

What's your favorite aspect of blogging? 

I would say discovering other bloggers from around the world. Making virtual friends and how supportive people can be even though they don't know in the "physical" form. 

What are some of your favorite spring trends?

I would have to say floral prints, color blocking, and neon! Though I can never stray too far from the classic silhouette. 

What are some blogs that you love reading?

Someone once told me that whatever you're doing while you're procrastinating is what you should be doing as your job. In that case, I should be either a professional blog reader and/or reality tv show obsessor. There are so many blogs out there that I enjoy from, fashion to strictly cooking. I love Ring My Bell, Smitten Kitchen, The Cherry Blossom Girl, A Beautiful Mess, The Rockstar Diaries and of course, Heather's blog! Just to name a couple (okay, seven).

Check this lovely lady out here!

I Spy 9 Pretty Things for Spring

Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yes, that is Arizona in the summer. Contrary to popular belief... it's not all heat and cacti. In my experience, more like monsoons and a whole lot of wet.

Please forgive the absence around here. Life has become very busy. And the puppy ate my laptop charger, so how do I blog without a laptop? I hear some people blog from their iPhones? Please, tell a girl how you blog on a phone? I'm curious! You are superwomen, I tell ya.

I will be slowing down a bit on the blog in the month of April. We are packing up our life again into a whole bunch of boxes (yes, we just did this 11 months ago) and moving 4 miles up the street, but it might as well be 4,000 miles. Moving while pregnant is going to be a marathon. I'm super blessed that this will be happening while in my 2nd trimester, when I'm experiencing the "pregnancy honeymoon," but alas, it will still be exhausting. Who wants to come help me pack? I'll give you free blog advertising for the rest of your life.

And people, we aren't just moving. We are doing a complete overhaul of our new house. My dear husband, on top of his crazy, 60 hour work week, is going to be painting all 2,100 square feet, replacing the horrid linoleum and replacing it with hardwood floors, pulling out the horribly stained carpet that exists and pulling it up before Home Depot comes and sprinkles their fairy dust and the whole upstairs is carpeted and ready for baby.

And since I can't be around paint, let alone carpet that was most likely previously douched with demon spawn animal feces that is currently nasty, I have to stay far, far, away in my own little land where I pack away while my stud-muffin husband gets to make things look pretty. I will try not to be sad.

So all to say, yes, it'll be pretty darn busy around these parts. Oh, I forgot, we're also squeezing a trip in back home 2 weeks before we move. As excited as we are to see family, prayers for our overall sanity would be greatly appreciated. I don't want this little peanut making her pretty appearance anytime soon.

Email me at heather [at] findingbeauty [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested in sponsoring, i.e., joining the maddness in April! I'd love to have ya!

I'm only accepting 200x150 ads in April for a mere $5. Heck ya, folks.

1,400+ GFC, Twitter, BlogLovin subscribers.
Space is limited. Sidebar ads only.

A Day With Jen

Monday, March 26, 2012

I can not tell you how excited I was to have my friend Jen of
The Arizona Russums come down and visit me during her Spring Break! Jen's blog was one of the very first that I discovered back in July of last year, and I got so excited when I found out that she lived only an hour-and-a-half away from me. We've now had several chances to meet up in her city of Phoenix, and this time around, she came down to visit me in Tucson.

We had a wonderful time of shopping, hot cocoa sipping, mountain trekking and lots of time to chat. She's such a beautiful friend, both in and out, and I'm so blessed to have met such a wonderful blog friend, turned real-life friend. Jen, you challenge me, encourage me in righteousness, and always point me back to God. Thank you for being such an incredible part of my life!

P.S. The picture below of Jen touching my belly just might be one of my favorites! :)


Cup Half Full Link Up Party

The goal of this link up party is to have a place where women can come each week and simply link back to posts where they find beauty in their life.

This is not a subject-specific link up party, but simply an overall theme of contented, thankful way of living. I don't really care what you want to link up, as long as it promotes a general positive, thankful, my-cup-is-half-full vibe.
  • Link up to your specific blog post, not to your blog's main page.
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Heather Boersma: DREAMING BIG

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Since I started blogging last July, there have been some truly remarkable women that I have met in the blog world: they have challenged me, blessed my life and encouraged me. Heather Boersma is one of those ladies. She was the very first blog friend I had ever Skyped with. She's filled with the joy of the Lord and aims to please Him in all she does: as a successful speaker, author, mother, blogger, wife and friend. She's the real deal, folks, and I'm so excited to have her here today!

*Comments are disabled so you can stop by Heather's wonderful blog and show her some love!*

blog // twitter // facebook

Please tell us a little about you and your blog!

I'm Heather and my blog is called Dreaming Big. I began this blog to support my ministry as a full time youth and women's speaker and author.   It's meant to be a resource for those who like me, have big dreams and need inspiration, encouragement and practical tools to pursue those God-sized dreams.

You have a new book out-- can you tell us a little about it?

My book is called "Dream Big" and it is a 30 day devotional meant to help you define God's plan for your life and take steps to live it out!  In the book I share many of my own personal experiences, scripture and there are also pages for journaling and listening prayer.

How has your life changed since you've become a mom?

My life has changed in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE since becoming a mom to my little boy Cohen.  I thought marriage was the ultimate in rooting out any selfishness in me...nuh uh.  Being a parent has been the most self-sacrificing experience of my life. But it has also taught me more about God's love and the living like Christ than anything else. It's hard, but to see that little boy smile at me - there's nothing like it.

What is your favorite aspect of blogging?

My favorite aspect of blogging is how it keeps me accountable to my own relationship with Christ.  Lately I've made a deal with God not to post unless its something that is inspired by Him and what He's revealing to me.  This pact draws my own heart back to the Lord again and again.

27th Birthday Suprise Getaway

Friday, March 23, 2012


There are some really beautiful moments in marriage when you are able to stop the maddness called life and just get away. They don't happen often enough, but when they do, they are food for the soul. No laundry, no work, no talking about adult things. When Joshua woke me up on Tuesday with the sweet words of, "Babe, go pack a bag, we're going on a trip!" I almost cried in sweet relief. It's been a crazy 2 months for us and I don't really think I realized how exhausted I was until we got away. The first thing we did? Take a nap on that heavenly bed.

He has a knack for knowing what I need... even when I don't realize it yet. And when we got home the next day, and I looked over at him from across the room... I realized how blessed I am. That's what pausing life can do for you. So that's when I said, "Baby, I had so much fun the last two days. I'm sad it's over." And him, "Babe, it's not over, we're married; we get to do this forever."

And that, my friends, is when the waterworks started gushing. And I realized that not only am I married to a pretty darn wonderful man, but at 21 weeks pregnant, the hormones are definitely in full-swing. Holy moly.


Twenty-One-Ish Weeks

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby D's Stats!

Baby's size: Carrot

How far along:
21 weeks today, even though these pictures are from last week (I'm behhhiiindd)

Sleep: Still lots of hip pain. Although, Joshua surprised me with an overnight getaway on Tuesday night for my birthday (STUD!), and we slept in the most wonderful bed that felt like I was floating on clouds was too good to be true and I woke up for the first time in a very long time in a complete state of bliss.

Maternity Clothes: I'm rocking the leggings these days. Day after day. A girls gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Maternity jeans are a pain in the butt! They sag so bad. I had a big convo with fellow preggo Little Miss Momma at Creative Estates on this topic... we are going to design a new line of maternity jeans. Watch out.

Food cravings: Yesterday it was frozen yogurt, so we drove 15 minutes to go find some at 8 PM last night... And while we were sitting outside eating them, I saw Olive Garden across the street and immediately started craving their salty breadsticks... Me: "Babe, I'm craving Olive Garden breadsticks." Joshua: "Heather, we just came to get you fro-yo and now you are craving something different?!" Haha. I think I'm slowly killing that man.

Food aversions:
Fried food, anything acidic that will give me heartburn

Symptoms I HAVE: Still have sciatica (hip pain) and that's about it! 

Doctor’s Appointment: Next Tuesday... hopefully we get to see our little one's face again!

Movement: Now it is occurring daily-- best feeling ever! All the books and apps for iPhone say that by now, the baby can differentiate between different times of the day. I definitely notice her getting busy in my tummy around the late afternoon and right before bed. 

Belly Button:

Gender: It's a GIRL! Eeeep! We are soooo thrilled! I wanted a girl so bad!! I think Joshua is a little nervous... he's already talking about having to buy a bigger gun and how she's not allowed to EVER date ;) Click here to see our gender reveal video!

Best moment of the week:
Finding out the baby was a GIRL... I mean, seriously, it was wayyyy better than any Christmas. I am so glad we found out the gender! Now we have 19 more weeks of having fun shopping for her and talking about her AND another Christmas-like surprise on the day we meet her face-to-face. 

What I’m looking forward to:
Feeling stronger kicks :)

What I miss: Really missed red wine the last couple of days... We had Italian for dinner on our get-away and I watched couples indulge in it and it made my mouth water. Mmmmm!

The 3 Blondes: A Collaboration

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm so excited to share with you this beautiful collaboration I have going on with Courtney of "Lil Noodle Bug" and Ashley of "The Vanilla Tulip"! Both are incredible women that I look up to greatly and they both have become dear friends of mine on this blogging journey.

On April 3, we are teaming up together for an inter-linked blog hop called "Inspirational Blog Hop." Our hope is that this will be a fun day where we can all come together and write about what we are inspired by (an image, place, etc) and/or who or what has inspired us in the blogging community. You can join any of your hostesses (me, Courtney or Ashley) by linking to any of our sites. By simply posting your link, you will gain coverage on each of our sites (1800 readers +).

In an attempt to spread the word, please place the image on your sidebar and spread the word!! Can't wait to read your inspiring posts on April 3rd! See you then!

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A Note From the Mr.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Happy 27th birthday, baby girl!

This is our 8th year of celebrating your birthday together. It seems just like yesterday that I threw you a surprise party at Hard Rock Cafe for your 20th birthday. We had only been dating 7 months, and yet I knew that I'd spend decades and decades of birthdays with you.

I think this particular birthday just might be your best one yet-- our baby girl is growing inside of you!
What could be better?

Thank you for being an incredible wife, best friend, and partner on this journey.
I love being married to you, waking up next to you, and laughing beside you.
Thank you for driving me nuts, making me insanely happy, and saying some of the best blonde one-liners I've ever heard.

Happy birthday, my love. I love you!!



Cup Half Full Link Up Party

The goal of this link up party is to have a place where women can come each week and simply link back to posts where they find beauty in their life.

This is not a subject-specific link up party, but simply an overall theme of contented, thankful way of living. I don't really care what you want to link up, as long as it promotes a general positive, thankful, my-cup-is-half-full vibe.
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It's A...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.
I barely slept the night before, and was wide awake in the early morning
anxiously awaiting the moment when we could finally hop in the car, go to the hospital,
and find out the gender of our little one that has been
kicking and fluttering inside of me.

I had the same kind of nerves creep up when I found Joshua
kneeling down on one knee and popping that beautiful, life-changing question.

And that same feeling when I was on my father's arm, about to walk down a long aisle
in a beautiful church and vow forever to my now husband.

We've come a long way, shared so many joys, tears, and incredible memories...
and now, Joshua and I would love to announce to you that we are having a...

Coming August 5, 2012!
Perfectly healthy.
Adorable 10 fingers, 10 toes.
We are so blessed!
And thrilled!!
Thank you for your prayers & love!!!

Let's Meet Over Lattes

Thursday, March 15, 2012

[Some of the wonderful ladies I got to finally meet at Creative Estates this past weekend]

I found the cutest little coffee shop downtown yesterday. Will you join me for coffee there?
I'm sure we'd laugh and share stories, sip our frothy lattes, and wish that time would stand still. I would ask you how you are doing? What is God doing in your life? What is stirring your heart these days? How can I bless you?

I would tell you that Joshua and I have a really big appointment this morning that will eventually change the rest of our lives. I barely slept last night. I know that the outcome will provide more direction in our lives and I am so excited/nervous/anxious to get to that appointment. I will probably be telling you all on Monday (my BIRTHDAY! Eeek!) how everything went :)

Speaking of birthdays, I would tell you that holy cow! I am almost 27 years old! I had always said that I wanted to get married at 21 and have a baby at 27. Strange how both of those things really happened. At 26, I feel like I really learned who I am. I've learned to not really care what people think about me anymore (although it's still a struggle sometimes).
I've become more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

I am still craving oranges, carrot juice, and pineapples like they are going out of style. When will I start craving pickles? Is that really just an old wives' tale?

I would tell you that we spent a few hours at Home Depot yesterday looking at carpet, paint and flooring for our new house. So exciting! If you have any tips for me, please share!

My mom had big shoulder surgery two weeks ago and also had a procedure done yesterday that went great. My dad will be having foot surgery in June and September, also. It's so nerve-wracking to watch your parents go through health issues. I'm so thankful that they take such good care of their health and am really excited to watch them both become grandparents this August.

I'm sure you heard me mention on Monday that I attended Creative Estates this weekend. I had a lot of comments from people saying "I can't wait to go next year" and "Looks so fun!" Well, I did have a GREAT time with the ladies I've been talking to for the last couple of months. Having them all in one place was magical. But I would not endorse the event and feel it's my obligation to let my readers know that I would not recommend it. Since so many other people have already approached the topic, I'd encourage you to read factual reviews of the event from 5OhWifey, MommaGoRound, Vintage Wanna Bee, The Hollie Rogue, Mama Marchand, This Little Momma, MommasMeTime, KraftyKash, if you've been considering attending in the future.

I would tell you that a few of the girls that I spent time with at Creative Estates and I have sent over 1500 text messages in the last 3 days. Praise God for unlimited text messaging! One thing about bloggers: they are GREAT communicators.

I would ask you if you know why the best show in the world goes on the world's longest breaks?! I'm talking about "Revenge," ya'll?! What. Is. Going. On?! I'm starting to get grumpy.

I would tell you that we have started attending a new church that meets at the high school campus in our soon-to-be-neighborhood. We were just really convicted that we needed to find community and build relationships with people that lived close to us, not almost an hour away. This new church also has a MOPS meetup (moms with kids age 0-5) and they are letting me attend even though I'm a mommy-to-be. I'm so excited!

Did you know that yellow is my absolute favorite color of the moment right now? I'm obsessed and can not get enough.

Cowl: Snowdrift Designs Bag: Steve Madden

Joshua just worked a 112 hour work week. I feel so bad! I'm so thankful for such a hard working man!

I would tell you that I spent time with some of the most incredible women this weekend. If you haven't read my last post, you need to. Some of the conversations we had have been burning in my mind. It's crazy how you can have some of the most impactful, deep, incredible conversations of your entire life over a 4 day weekend with women you have never met before. I crave that in my day-to-day personal life and am praying that God continues to bring those relationships in my life.

And lastly, I'm 20 weeks pregnant today.
Half way there!
Holy cow, this is HAPPENING FOLKS!

[If you have not met this lady yet, you need to STOP what you are doing and visit her here... so amazing!]