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Friday, June 29, 2012

I am Melissa and I blog over at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife. I am a not so simple girl who obsesses over a new hobby about every week or so which let me tell you comes in handy when you're looking for new blog material! I've been married for 7 years to the love of my life and have been a pastors kid almost my full 27 years of living. Exciting, I know! I also have the whole sarcasm thing down pretty well ;) I have been blogging since February of this year and it has already taken over my world. HA, I LOVE it, like seriously love it. Oh and the friends I'm making while I'm doing something I love... ya, crazy, I know.

Enough about me, today I am here to tell you about my new pride and joy, my new baby, the cheese to my macaroni, the icing to my cupcake, the pop to my tarts... Bet you are wondering what I'm talking about right about now. You guessed it! My new shop!!!!! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! 

I am so beyond excited to introduce to you The Not So Ordinary Shop. In the shop I am selling some fabulous Camera Strap Covers. 

Why Camera Strap Covers? Well I bought my first DSLR about a month ago and I sewed a strapped for it because the Canon strap that it came with was totally DRAB. I first looked online everywhere for strap covers and I had a hard time finding really cute ones for under $25. I thought it doesn't seem like they should cost that much. So I started thinking about starting a shop where I could sell fabulous camera strap covers at a price everyone could afford. As soon as I told my husband he was behind me 110%, I mean he was writing notes and building equations, I was impressed. I said, if you are in, I am in... SO HERE WE ARE! 
Now who doesn't need their camera all glammed up?  
The camera strap covers are easily changeable 
and simply slides over your existing camera strap! The default measurements are approximately 25" long and 2.5" wide and will fit any DSLR or SLR camera. We also do custom measurements at no extra charge on certain straps.

We have a lot of different designs in the shop right now, but there are no "set" designs, so when you see one you like grab it because it might be the last time you will see that exact one. We will be getting new designs all the time, so keep checking back.

In the store the covers start at $10 each plus shipping, but in celebration of the grand opening you can use the code "CELEBRATE" and get them 25% off, which means some are only $7.50 plus shipping!!

Today I will be giving away one of my Simple Camera Straps to one lucky winner!!

Enter below for the giveaway and don't forget to stop by my blog and/or shop and say Hi!

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Recent Instagram Photos

Thursday, June 28, 2012


headed to san diego
handmade baby shower gifts from my friends danielle & jamie
coffee together
hartley's first time at dog beach
a pazookie at bj's restaurant in san diego (where i found out i was pregnant!) with my wonderful family
my target maxi skirt collection = saving my life this pregnancy
a day together at la jolla cove
at the san diego zoo

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more pics of our trip to san diego and our baby shower coming next week!

34 Weeks!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

(as of last Thursday!)

Baby's Stats!

Baby's size: 17.75 in, canteloupe, 4.75 lbs

Sleep: Getting more uncomfortable. Joshua has to push me off the bed, ha!

Maternity Clothes: Target has been saving my life! Their maxi-skirts are so comfty and cute! I now am the proud owner of 4 of them #addicted

Food cravings: Absolutely nothing. I'm a boring preggo.

Symptoms I have: The peeing is really getting frequent! I shouldn't have said anything in my last post because bam!!!! It happened. I'm still only up once or twice a night but all day long I am going now. We should take stock in Charmin.

Doctor’s Appointment: We had our routine doctors appointment last Tuesday and everything looked great! My appointments are now 2 weeks apart and in a few weeks they'll switch to every week. I love hearing her heartbeat at our appointments, and I couldn't have been more excited to have my mom come along with us since she was in town! I've been waiting so long for that. 

Movement: Kicks, punches, hiccups, rolls, LOVE IT!

Belly Button:
It has popped! :) I'm now sporting an outie.

Best moment of the week:
Feeling all of those hands all over my belly when we were back in San Diego... friends, family, you name it... this baby girl is loved and I love to see it! Our baby shower back home. Bringing all the gifts home and putting them up in her nursery. Taking a nap with Joshua and falling asleep to his hand on my belly.

What I’m looking forward to: Picking a birthing class and getting some projects started and finished!

What I miss: Not much. I'm started to get sad about the fact that I won't be pregnant much longer. I love it! I'm really trying to treat this as my last and only pregnancy because I never know what the future holds. I really want to just soak.up.every.minute. I'm so thankful for this little miracle that's growing inside of me!

Sponsor Love: What She Saw


I'm so excited to have Annie here today from the blog, "What I Saw"! She is an incredible woman and I am honored to have her here today.
She is also offering a custom blog design so make sure you scroll all the way down and check that out! Annie & a few other wonderful bloggers are also starting a series called, "Ablaze: Pursuing a Love Stronger Than Death" that I'd highly encourage you to check out here! I'm so excited for this!
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Please tell us a little bit more about your blog!

Well, I'm just perpetuating my own brand of individuality by combining the act of classy with the act of gangster, because when you're from where I'm from, you can do that. {Okay, not quite.} I'm a twenty-one year old college graduate with a degree in English and history, an unnecessarily large vocabulary, and an addiction to eschewing capital letters. {Well, just on my blog. And twitter. And... okay, everywhere but here.}

I love Jesus, reading & writing, and the color orange. I believe singleness is a gift even when it isn't easy, that faith is a journey, and that it isn't until I lose my life that I find it. What She Saw is my attempt to chronicle that belief.

Do you have any fun summer plans?

I do! I'm going to Madrid, Spain for two weeks on a mission trip. I'm going with a team of five women that also includes my mom. The first week, we'll be teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). The second week, my mom and I will be staying with the missionaries to absorb the culture and serve them in whatever ways we can. I'm still fundraising for this trip and am currently hosting a giveaway to help raise support!

What inspires you to stay creative?

I'm a writer, so really anything that has to do with words. I love to read, and I'll read just about anything. Reading well-written blog posts and books are really instrumental in my own writing process: it both encourages me and motivates me to continue creating and continue experimenting with my own writing. I also dabble in photography and graphic design, so seeing what other people create in both fields helps inform and broaden my creativity and abilities.

What is your favorite aspect of blogging?

The community, by far. I started blogging almost five years ago (and almost three at What She Saw), and it's only in the past two years I've really been able to start connecting with people. It's absolutely amazing to see how God works through my little space; I've made such edifying and close friendships with people all over the place, from as near as my home state of MI to as far as states I've never been, like FL, CA, and TX.



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How We Spent The Night Of Our Baby Shower

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

... curled up together on a hospital bed. Or, should I say, falling out of a hospital bed since one of us was dealing with some massive leg pain and the other was 34 weeks pregnant with a belly that was in the way of everything.

Over our time in town, Joshua had a bump on his upper left thigh that looked like a bad bug bite. The night of our baby shower it got so bad that, after we had driven all the way home, he decided that we should turn back around and go to the emergency room. They admitted us right away and then we spent 4.5 hours in the hospital room waiting for the doctor to come. I hated every moment of seeing my husband in pain, and I will just say having no place to rest and no food for this 34 week preggo was just plain wrong... The doctor and nurse ended up doing a 10 minute surgery in the room (I got to watch the whole thing-- I love that stuff!) and it looks like Joshua might have a form of staff infection. We aren't quite sure yet but he's in a lot of pain and we are just laying low. He'll get an extra couple of days off from work and I'm looking forward to that extra time together.

I guess we'll always have an interesting story to tell baby E about the night of our baby shower...

Other than that, we had a wonderful trip back home to San Diego. Our trips home are always nice, but this one was particularly wonderful. I feel so refreshed & rejuvinated from lack of time with technology. I must confess that it is so good for the soul to get away from all social media for a bit. I loved every second of time with my family and my in-laws and all the fun that we had in between...

Our baby shower brought together all of my favorite people in the world in one spot and I truly wish I could just freeze those moments forever. We had the shower down at the bay, across from the beach, and the weather couldn't have been more amazing. We grilled carne asada, opened gifts, watched the kids play on the playground, and just enjoyed one another's company. My mom planned the whole thing and we couldn't have asked for a shower that was more "us." Thanks Mom!

It's good to be home and back in our new home! I keep going through the rooms of our house and have to remind myself that this is our home now. We own this home and we don't ever have to leave it. When you take time away, it really does open your eyes to a whole slew of things... I'm off to go play with all the baby gifts while Joshua continues to sleep... How is your week going so far? Good, I hope! Happy Tuesday! xo

Hello from San Diego

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We are in San Diego right now and so far, this trip has been wonderful.
Yesterday, Joshua and I slipped away... just the two of us... and went to two different beaches (including one dog beach that Hartley loved), did some shopping, visited with old friends, and most of all, just soaked up being together.
No house projects, thoughts of going back to work, or other daily demands.

We went to all our old "spots" that were ours: our favorite coffee shop, that special cliff that overlooked the Pacific, and the special spot that he proposed. We were able to take the time to just enjoy the little things, and one another. After a whirlwind 8.5 months that have included morning sickness, work exhaustion, travels, buying our first home, and doing some massive home projects...
It has been just what we needed.

Today, we took our nephews to school, had coffee with an old friend, took Hartley on a long walk, met up for lunch with my dad, celebrated a momentous occasion for my family at BJ's Brewery over the afternoon, and enjoyed a BBQ with Joshua's family.

Our baby girl is now 34 weeks old and has been kicking up a storm. She is even somewhat physically visible from the outside now. Sometimes we'll just be sitting there and my stomach will start moving back and forth or we'll see a big bump pop up and know it's her butt sticking up or feel her feet or knees on the side of my tummy. It's awesome.

It's when we're home, and I have all of our families hands all over my belly, that I realize how much I miss being around our families and loved ones. There is a lot I love about our "new life," but the people... the people are what I miss.

Tomorrow, we're watching my nephew graduate from kindergarten (man, I feel old!) and are going to the San Diego Zoo with my family. I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I miss you all and am thankful for you, my little blog family! xo

Cup Half Full: Arizona Baby Shower

Monday, June 18, 2012


My baby shower was this weekend and I will just tell you right now that it was ah-maz-zzzing.
Well, you can see it for yourself.
I know.... that ombre` cake! 
I'm still a little overwhelmed by it all.

My mom and my mother-in-law flew in and their presence, combined with the presence of my friends,
made my heart happy. And the clear skies parted and brought forth huge,
billowy storm clouds that filled with rain and eventual downpour.
I had a literal "shower" on my baby shower day, and it was beautiful.
We even were surprised with a double-rainbow, a sign of God's faithfullness, times two.

A huge thank you to my wonderful friend Crystal (who was unfortunately not able to be there as she had to fly out of state to be there for her nephew's birth at the last minute) who created most of the decor for my special day,
as well as my friends Sarah & Heidi for hosting, decorating and putting this all together.

My mom is in town for a few more days, and then we have our 34 week doctor's appointment and head out to San Diego for our hometown baby shower.
This little lady is pretty darn loved.


How are you finding beauty in your life?
Share with us how you are choosing to focus on your cup being"half full" today!


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Friday's Letters

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear Pecan Groves,

You are the most beautiful thing to see when I look out my backyard window. Especially because right now you are green and luscious and provide the most beautiful canopy for me to walk under during the hot afternoon sun. You certainly make a beautiful backdrop against this desert sky.

Dear Dad,

I'm so glad you are making some really big, exciting decisions right now. You've worked your butt off for the past 25 years, and I think it's time to throw a little party and do away with it. It's time for you to retire and move you and mom out a little closer to me. Hint hint.

Dear Baby Girl,

You are becoming quite the little acrobat inside my womb. Sometimes it feels like you are climbing around in my ribs, or drawing on the inside of my stomach with your dainty little hands. I hope this means that you are a creative one like your mom and dad.

Dear Friends That Put Together My AZ Baby Shower,

You are pretty much the coolest. And pretty darn special. And I pretty much like you three, a lot. A whole bunch of lot. Can't wait to see how beautiful it all looks tomorrow. Woot!

Dear Mom & Mother-in-Law,

Thank you so much for coming out to AZ for my baby shower. It means more than you know.

Dear Neighbor,

Why can't you say hi every once in awhile? A little friendly "hello" would be nice. Everytime I seem to say it to you, you look away? What's up with that?

Dear People That Feel The Need to Give Me Unsolicited Advice,

You are not helpful. If we were to switch roles and I said what you "feel the need to say to me"-- how would you feel? Please keep your unproductive comments to yourself.

Dear Kitchen Floor,

I hate, hate, hate mopping you. The end.

Dear San Diego,

We will see you in just 5 days! Can't wait to see you, hometown. We are looking forward to our baby shower and seeing friends and family. And especially you, Laura! All the way from Dallas!

Dear Matthew McConaughey,

Two kids and how many years together... ??! It's about time you put a ring on that finger!

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The Last Thing...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I bought for myself:

An awesome maxi skirt at Target! You all know my obsession over the maxi-dress BUT my man wasn't so thrilled about it. He thinks they are unflattering on most women (in his words, "mumu-ish") BUT I'm the one that's in my 3rd trimester during the middle of summer so he can deal, right? :) He loves this maxi skirt, so it's a hit! And it's so comfortable. I'll be living in it until my little sweet pea is reading to make her appearance.
I drank in ecstasy:

Non-alcoholic beer to celebrate a good day at work for Joshua! Oh I have missed beer so much and I was pleasantly surprised to find this in my fridge, courtesy of our wonderful neighbor-friends that stopped by with it while I was taking a nap :)

That made me scream:

Finding out that one of my best childhood friends, Danielle, is expecting another little girl! As you can tell, big sister Alexa (and also big brother, Cannon) was really excited.

That I shrieked over on Pinterest:

My girlfriend Crystal is planning a super-hero theme for her son's 1st birthday party. She is making all the little ones capes to wear. She pinned this one last night, and I know it's for my little E :)

That I did to relax:

Read some preggo books at the pool.
Have I told you lately how the pool is my new BFF?
Oh, pool, I love you!

That made me laugh so hard, I almost peed my pants:

I mean, seriously? Hysterical. 

That I craved:

Chai Frappuccino from Starbucks. I think it's been about 3 years since I had a Frappuccino. Man, it tasted good. We picked up some drinks for our friends, too, and chugged them outside in the warm summer air (well, crazy-person-that-ordered-a-Venti-extra-hot-latte drank his inside with the AC and his parka on).


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Joanna from Arcadian Lighting: Nursery Inspiration

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hi there! I'm Joanna, a blogger for Arcadian Lighting, an online source for wonderful lighting fixtures of all styles and finishes. Daily, I search the web for the most gorgeous decorating images and ideas and share them with blog readers on blogs like Finding Beauty in the Ordinary. Hope you enjoy these pretty nurseries for girls post. Creating a pretty nursery for the little one in your life is a time to make your dreams of a whimsical space come true. Pink hues, ruffles, bows, canopies and little chandeliers are all elements for a lovely little girl's nursery.

Girls Nursery
Awash in a honeysuckle hue, this girls nursery is a pretty example of what can be achieved with a little creativity and some lovely furnishings.

Girls Nursery

A sophisticated nursery by Little Crown Interiors features a fabric covered ceiling and an unusual chest of drawers with tufted front. Contemporary wall sconces and chandelier add a lovely glow to the space.

Girls Nursery

The Nottee Fatata by Savio Firmino luxury nursery features French styling. The crib transforms into a toddler bed as the little one grows.

Girls Nursery

Tangerine and grey highlight this whimsical nursery. The butterflies are such a cute touch. A modern rocker and a paper lantern create a cozy little corner.
Girls Nursery

This over-the-top luxurious nursery is fitted with ornate metal cribs, sheer canopies and crystal chandelier. Can you imagine having your own chandelier in your room at such as young age?!

Girls Nursery

Hot pink paper pops on the wall of this white nursery. It is an elegant combination with lots of energy. I especially love the round crib with pleats and bow.

Girls Nursery

A white nursery is highlighted with lime for a natural relaxed feel. The hanging light fixture with the birds is especially cute.

Girls Nursery

This dramatic nursery is fitted in all lime and black. Would you decorate a nursery in such bold colors or would you choose the more expected pastels? Which nursery design did you like best? You'll find even more inspiration at Design Shuffle. Just click here and you'll be taken to a world of inspiration from top interior designers from around the world!

Cup Half Full: 4D Ultrasound of Baby E

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Right before a yawn...

After 25 minutes of poking and prodding, chugging freezing cold water, laying on my side, leaning forward to touch my toes, Joshua playing a rock song from Korn (ha!), and the ultrasound tech patting and rubbing all over my belly... we finally got little miss E to show her face at our 4D ultrasound appointment last week!
She was quite the little stinker.

I'm so glad we decided to do the 4D appointment-- it was worth every dollar. I've watched the video at least 15 times already (I know, I'm really losing it)... I love watching her yawn, cry, open her eyes, move around... it really was amazing.
I still can't get over the fact that this little person is growing inside of me. We are getting more and more excited, and anxious, to meet her.

Mamas, did you do the 3/4D ultrasound?
And did you start feeling a little "panicky" around this time (32 weeks)...?!!

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The goal of this link up party is to have a place where women can come each week and simply link back to posts where they find beauty in their life. This is
not a subject-specific link up party, but simply an overall theme of contented, thankful way of living. I don't really care what you want to link up, as long as it promotes a general positive, thankful, my-cup-is-half-full vibe.
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