Colds, Checkups and Down Time

Friday, January 24, 2014

Well we, like everyone else in America it seems, got slammed with bad colds this week. Joshua had to take a few extra days off of work because he got it the worst, and then I followed suit and so did our little E. Sometimes it's nice getting sick, though. It makes you slow down. We spent this past week laying low, watching movies, eating longer than normal meals, and just being together. When we finally got a little bit of energy back, we went on some nice, long walks and spent some time across the street at our neighborhood park just basking in the 70 degree (ahhh!) sunshine. On Wednesday, we had a doctor appointment to check in on our little one and we were blessed to hear the sweet sound of that strong, fast heartbeat. It is still just as incredible the second time around. What a gift. Here are some pictures from our week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

^^ Kicking tennis balls around at the park with Daddy & Hartley 
^^ Fun way to eat lunch
^^ Trip to the mall after my doctor appointment 
^^ On the swings together 
^^ Practicing feeding her baby doll a bottle 

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Lottie Simm said...

eden is going to be such a great big sister looking at how she looks after her dolls.

ava on the other hand gives her dolls a kiss and then throws them on the floor. i think she isn't ready for a sibling just yet hahah

Sarah Tau said...

i'm glad you guys are feeling better and were able to rest some :) have a wonderful week!

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