House Build: Updates From The Last 2 Months

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm so disappointed that I didn't document the house build on the blog as much as I wanted to! Only a few weeks after we broke ground, I found out we were expecting and then came Thanksgiving week and a trip out of town, and then full-blown morning sickness, and then the holidays, phew! We still have gone over to see the house a few times a week. We take pictures every time and I'm so thankful how much we have documented it in photos because I can't wait to show our kids one day. It's kind of addicting currently living so close to the house build-- we like to take our evening walks over there and check out what is new. Now that we are down to the last couple of weeks, almost every day feels like Christmas! Now we are getting into the fun details like cabinets, light fixtures and very soon, appliances. Here are some new, updated pictures since my last post in October. We are closing on Valentine's Day, even though the house is slated to be completely finished in just 2.5 weeks. Torture! 

Our biggest praise report so far in the building process, besides how insanely smooth it has gone, has been our neighbors. We prayed that God would bring us good ones, and that they would build one-story houses that didn't block our upstairs view of the valley. Two weeks after we decided to build, both lots on each side sold and they were both one-story houses and both owners are retired. We couldn't be more thankful for such a simple, answered prayer!  

Below are some exterior and interior photos. A lot has been done in the last 4 weeks, specifically. 

- house was completely stuccoed (it's done twice over a period of a few days)
- driveway and sidewalk poured
- painted on the outside (we did the Mediterranean palette, soft shade of cream and light brown trim -- shutters, which are a mocha shade, have yet to be put on the exterior of the house by the top windows; front door will also be painted that color)
- side walls put in (still waiting on double-gate)
- baseboards installed (we opted for the thickest ones available and they are, by far, one of my most favorite features of the house)
- stairway railing created
- interior paint finished (we just stuck with white so that we didn't impulsively paint the entire house one color; we are planning on painting during the time in-between closing on the house and finishing out the 2 weeks on our rental. This saved us a huge chunk of $ that we just weren't willing to pay, yikes!). 

The carpenter was just in yesterday installing the cabinets so I will do a tour of those tomorrow!

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Jenna TheWife said...

EEEK SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I want to come see it in person! PS I borrowed a pic from here for the you-know-what..hope that's ok! :)

Heather Leigh @ Like a Morning cup of coffee said...

This looks like a dream house!! =D

Christina Schergen said...

Building a house is so exciting!! We build 4 years ago!! I would recommended really thinking about build in the coldest winter on record so I never wanted to go to the build site lol and I really wish I would have! more plug for vacuuming would have been nice...I have to use an extension chord!

Your house looks lovely!