Welcome to my little space, my personal journal where I love to share the beauty I see in my life.
Whether that is a major life changing moment (like finding out I was pregnant!) or something as simple
as an evening walk with my man and our puppy, Hartley-- welcome to our little journey.

Of course, there are always going to be trials in our lives (and trust me, we've been through them)...
But along the way, I am on the constant quest to choose to look for beauty...
in the ordinary, and extraordinary, moments of my life.

Beauty is everywhere if we choose [i.e., it's our attitude = our life] to look for it. 

“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it." - Ivan Panin

photo courtesy of Ellie Colburn

I met the love of my life in 2004 and we were married in 2006. You can read more about our love story here.
Our newlywed adventures took us on many travels together around the globe to Hawaii, Mexico and around the US.
And the cool thing is that we are still exploring.

After 4 years of married life in our hometown of San Diego, CA, we recently relocated to a new city, Tucson, AZ, in May of 2011,
for Joshua's new job. This led me to quit my corporate, BORING, 9-5 career in e-commerce marketing, start a blog,
and eventually work as a virtual assistant with Casey Wiegand of The Wiegand's.

On Decemeber 1, 2011, I found out I was pregnant while on a visit back home to San Diego.
Joshua wasn't with me on the trip, so I had to keep the secret from friends and family for over 5 days before I boarded
a plane and was able to tell him right out of the airport.

On March 15, 2012, we found out that we are having a beautiful baby girl, and we can not wait to
meet our "little E" this August 2012. You can also see our pregnancy announcement here!

On April 25, 2012 we bought our very first home and are enjoying every moment of being homeowners.
We have loved being on a new adventure in a new town and are continually discovering new things to do, places to eat,
and places to go explore.

We are a part of a non-denominational church in our neighborhood and we love Jesus and desire to glorify Him
in all areas of our lives. Thank you for stopping by!